I’ve stayed away from hosted blogging for a long time, but I am intrigued by Medium. There is a lot of good writing here and perhaps if I use it more myself, I will read more stories here. If nothing else Medium seems to have legs, so why not.

I’ll continue to write (apparently rather occasionally) on my personal blog and still haven’t figured out what I am going to write about here. Perhaps my explorations with synthesizers, or perhaps management and leadership. We shall see. Medium, from what I can tell, lends itself well to longform writing. I don’t do enough of that these days, so maybe that’s where I’ll end up. I am really looking forward to the announced integration with iA Writer, my text editor of choice.

The one thing I won’t be doing here — ranting about scientific licensing models.

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Computing, management, synthesizers, science, photography, writing, geekery, fatherhood. I run Containers, Linux, and HPC @ AWS. http://deepaksingh.net

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