Looking for an Evernote replacement

I’ve long tried to come up with a workflow that works (for me). In general I have one that kind of works. Today I use

  • iAWriter for text editing (I tend to write in Markdown)
  • Atom for writing code (not that I write much these days)
  • Paper by 53 for sketching and noodling
  • Dropbox for storing my personal documents, user manuals, etc
  • Pocket for storing public links
  • Omnifocus for managing my life

I am pretty happy with all of those and know how to use them well. There is one area I struggle with — and that’s the role that Evernote fills in my workflow.

In the past I used to use Evernote (I have a paid account) for storing important documents, encrypted text, doing research (including storing private links). Essentially as a catch all for things I wanted to keep private and where you could store different types of data in a single place, including rich text, images, and video. The killer features for me were the ability to encrypt text, checklists, chrome integration, and integrate all kinds of media. But Evernote is bloated, buggy, and not user friendly. Given recent challenges I worry about its future. The challenge is that I haven’t managed to find a good replacement. Google Drive/Docs doesn’t quite cut it. It’s too much like Word, and does a terrible job with checklists. I do like Quip I worry about its future (much like Evernote). I’ve been playing with Paper by Dropbox but still haven’t made up my mind on that. The lack of a mobile client is a huge impediment.

Long story short, there isn’t anything out there that combines rich text, images, video, etc that is available on multiple devices (iOS support is a must) and allows me a single platform for my personal projects. It’s an opportunity for someone, or there is something out there with a long term future that I just haven’t found yet.

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Computing, management, synthesizers, science, photography, writing, geekery, fatherhood. I run Containers, Linux, and HPC @ AWS. http://deepaksingh.net

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