Of Cameras, Photography, and Video

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I have many hobbies, but two tend to consume most of my limited time; photography and composing (mostly electronic) music. Photography is fun because I am not bound to a studio, can involve my 7-year old, and generally one gets results faster. I’ve also always been fascinated by music for film and cinematography. Bringing all these hobbies together seems like a natural progression, albeit a huge time sink. These days I am spending time devouring videos on YouTube on making short films, learning about terms like B-Roll, color grading, etc. I still don’t really have the foggiest idea of what I should do but like I usually do, I got all the gear first because that’s what the incompetent do :). Once it’s there, one of my hopes is to try and tell stories with photos, videos, and music. In a different world, travel would feature heavily but in the absence of travel, will have to look at other ideas.

To get a sense of what I have in mind here is a video I really liked

Anyway, expect to see a lot more video on YouTube, and hopefully some good original music as well.

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