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I’ve wondered about how I could use Medium for quite some time. I have long maintained a blog called business|bytes|genes|molecules which has been through many incarnations, including a now defunct and lost “bbgm” (look for it on the Wayback Machine) which made me a lot of friends back in the day. There I’ve blogged about science, technology, software, and management and I don’t really want to change that. Having just a place to crosspost stuff doesn’t sound that interesting.

As you know, I have a diverse set of interests including music and photography, and I’ve never really put them in blog form. So, I think I am going to experiment with Medium as a way to ruminate over things that interest me, including cross posting stuff to and from the bbgm blog from time to time. Let’s see how it works out.

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Computing, management, synthesizers, science, photography, writing, geekery, fatherhood. I run Containers, Linux, and HPC @ AWS.

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